Effectively manage and improve
energy performance


Effectively manage and improve
energy performance

Register energy consumption data

Chart common energy values such as current or voltage, and record all energy data that are relevant to your organization. Using the automatic reports of energy performance indicators (EPIs), you can always demonstrate improvement in energy performance.

✔ Energy values

✔ Energy performance indicators (EPI)

Identify your energy sources

Manage your processes with attention to key energy consumers. Map energy sources and influencing factors to meet the energy assessment within the ISO 50001 standard. This provides a comprehensive overview of the company's energy flows and individual production processes.

✔ Energy consumers

✔ Energy flows

Addressing energy during the purchasing process

Establish the necessary energy specifications for procuring equipment and services as well as purchasing energy. Use the clear flow of our tool to guarantee that these energy specifications are always included.

✔ Purchasing process

✔ Asset management

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