Quality management

Make time for
continuous improvement

Phronesys dashboard

Quality management

Make time for
continuous improvement

Phronesys dashboard

Immediately identify issues

Remove communication barriers associated with paperwork to ensure quality issues get reported faster. Via our APP , your employees can easily report damaged deliveries, incomplete packaging, unsafe situations, production problems, etc. on the spot, easily supported by photos. Reported issues are directly available to the authorised teams for immediate analysis and correction.

✔ Work place inspections (WPI)

✔ Checklists

Manage your audit program from A to Z

Check which standards have already been audited and which you still need to schedule with the click of a button. Conduct your audit, and ensure follow-up on any deviations through automatic reports and direct follow-up actions.

✔ Visual audit program

✔ Internal audits

✔ Built-in compliance check

Smooth follow-up and monitoring

Resolve deviations immediately and perform root cause analysis where necessary. Reduce the chance of recurrence by planning corrective actions and tracking their effectiveness with our tool.

✔ Root Cause Analysis

✔ Corrective actions

✔ Automatic reports

Guarantee efficient management reviews

Download templates containing the minimum input requirements of your standard(s) from our Phronesys library and customize it to your organization's specific needs. Reports are automatically generated by the system, based on input throughout the year - even across multiple sites. Create follow-up actions directly and track targets and KPIs throughout the year with personalized dashboards and automated reports.

✔ Management review

✔ Objectives and KPIs

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